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Middle Ages in Greece: More than 120,000 employees get paid less than 100 euros per month!

23 July, 2016 Middle Ages in Greece: More than 120,000 employees get paid less than 100 euros per month! globinfo freexchange It appears that the European Financial Dictatorship managed to surpass goals concerning Greece, with the help of the IMF mafia. We repeatedly mentioned that a final goal in the Greek experiment would be minimum wage at the range of 300 euros per month. Yet, new shocking data show that much lower slavery wages are already start to dominate in country's labor market. From : Thousands of Greeks are getting paid salaries lower than 1-year unemployment benefits offered by the Greek Manpower Employment Organization (OAED) at 360 euros per month. The Ministry of Labor sent its shocking report to a committee of experts reporting that 126,956 employees receive gross payments of less than 100 euros per month, and 343,760 workers receive wages of 100 to 400 euros per month. Greek daily newspaper, Naftemporiki, reports that the workers are offered casual rates. The Greek state social security organization IKA reports that the average gross wage for part-time labor is at 400-420 euros per month. According to this data, the number of workers receiving gross wages of up to 510 euros per month is at 432,033. [...] The data shows that the Greek recession served to widen the level of part-time labor with a growing number of casual workers since 2012 as well as a wide number of work contracts being changed from full to part-time labor. For six years now, the IMF recipe nearly destroyed the Greek economy. All the public property is about to be sold off, the social state struggles to survive, but the neoliberal "pundits" insist on further "reforms" in the labor market, meaning lower wages, mass layoffs, zero labor rights and generally, absolute deregulation and flexibility for the exclusive benefit of the big corporations who have come to wipe-out the small-medium business sector, exploiting the new slavery workforce. Meanwhile, these unbelievably low wages in the name of competition didn't help the economy at all. Unemployment is still very high, reaching unprecedented levels, the national debt continues to rise, the banking system is being kept in life through Draghi's injections. Furthermore, Tsipras was forced to proceed in further cuts in pensions and wages, while the cost of living remains at the same level, without following the endless cuts that have been imposed by the Brussels bureaufascists and the German sado-monetarists the last six years. And, of course, no one can gather official data for the "unofficial" labor market, where no one knows the level of wages, and surely, people work uninsured. If you want further proof that the neoliberal "pundits" do not care to work for the recovery of the Greek economy at all, but only to loot their debt-colony and create a new slavery labor market, just look what happened in France. Although France is the second economy of the eurozone, without the huge problems of Greece, Hollande eventually managed to pass the new anti-labor law. France enters the neo-Feudal era, following the Greek path. The Greek experiment is being used as a guide by the neoliberal fascists, in order to establish the new Feudalism across Europe. the unbalanced evolution of homo sapiens

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